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Skidmore Faculty Fwd Seeks First Union Contract At Skidmore College

Unionized adjunct faculty to begin bargaining with Skidmore College

Skidmore College group votes to unionize with SEIU
Non-Tenure-Track Skidmore Professors Unionize
Following Faculty Unionization Efforts: Administrator and Organizer Perspectives
Skidmore College’s nontenured faculty demand better pay, plan to unionize
Unionization drive targets non-tenure-track faculty at Skidmore in Saratoga
Skidmore adjuncts seeking unionization file petitions
Effort underway to unionize non-tenure-track faculty at Skidmore College
Union vote coming for Skidmore part-time faculty.
Skidmore Contingent Faculty Union Drive Goes Public
Skidmore asks feds to consider delaying and limiting union vote
Skidmore administration says most non-tenure track faculty can’t unionize
Skidmore College faculty, administration reach union vote deal