Negotiation session—Aug 23

On August 23, the NTT Negotiating Committee held another bargaining session with the College administration. We presented the new proposals on appointments and assignments that you all commented on (Articles XXI and Article XXII). We also continued to discuss the earlier non-economic proposals.

See below for the consolidated proposals in their current form and the minutes from the bargaining session.

In solidarity,
The Negotiating Committee

Diana Barnes, World Languages and Literatures
Angela Beallor, MDOCS
Sarah Friedland, MDOCS
Evan Halstead, Physics
Beatrice Kendall, Chemistry
Will Kennerly, Chemistry
Johanna MacKay, Library
Patrice Malatestinic, Music
Ruth McAdams, English
Pete Murray, Philosophy
Erika Schielke, Biology
Jeremy Sloane, Biology
Eileen Sperry, English
Sylvia Stoner-Hawkins, Music